What is Borange?

Borange is an application for iPhone and iPod touch that allows people to privately share their near-term availability and location with people from their address book. The aim of Borange is to help you find mutually convenient times to talk or meet on short notice.

Why am I getting messages from people via Borange?

Someone who has your address or phone number in their address book has used it to send you a private message through Borange, just as they might do with their email application or mobile phone. Borange keeps all addresses private. Please read our privacy policy at

What should I do if I am busy when someone is available?

Borange is casual. If the time is not mutually convenient, the best protocol is to ignore the invitation. Obviously if your friend really needs to reach you now, he or she will just call you.

Can I stop someone from sending me their availability?

Yes. If you have received a text message or email, you can simply reply with the word "block". The person will no longer be able to use Borange to reach you at that address or phone number.

If you use the Borange application, you can further customize your updates.

Can I reply to a message from Borange?

Yes. Reply via email or text message or the web, and your reply will be routed back to the sender.

Where can I get Borange?

Borange for iPhone and iPod touch is available in the U.S. iTunes App Store. Borange will be expanding to other countries soon.

When will Borange be available internationally?

We are working on an international version and have not announced a release date.

Why do the SMS text messages sometimes contain strange numbers?

Borange sends text messages through email gateways so that sending unlimited text messages can be free to our users. The formatting of messages depends on the recipients' mobile provider. Verizon and T-Mobile recipients, for instance, will always show a routing email address at the top of the message.

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